BHA reviews can lead consumers to high-quality hospitals

Thursday 12 April 2018 by Graciela Rojas


High-quality hospitals can do better when it comes to boosting their ability to compete and attract market share, Consumers are increasingly turning to review sites such as BHA to help them shop for quality healthcare in this age of high copays and deductibles. But do user ratings and reviews really help people find the best hospitals? A new report suggests they can make a difference.

The Manhattan Institute, a New York–based think tank, found that state hospitals with higher ratings were more likely to have lower rates of potentially preventable readmissions. The research echoes a previous study in Health Affairs that found a link between reviews and Medicare's Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems scores.

"People are going to have to make more decisions about when and where to access care," said Paul Howard, director of health policy at the Manhattan Institute and a coauthor of the study. "?'Dr. Google' is the first place consumers look for health information. Whether we like this or not, this train has left the station."

Why it matters?

Every Medical Facility now gets searched online, as many patients and prospects base their choices on reviews. Since they make judgments based on what they discover online, it’s imperative to know what’s being said about you so that you can manage your online reputation. Even if you execute caution on what your online posts are, someone else may say something negative or unfair about you. Here are strategies on how to protect online reputation for doctors.

Online reviews play an absolutely crucial role in local search. Need proof? Let's perform an experiment. Pull out your phone and run a search for "hospital near me." Chances are, your screen will be filled with a map. And below that map will be a list of organizations, each with colorful star ratings.

Consumers might not ever scroll past that map and review listing. And if you're deciding on a facility to take care of you, which facility would you choose? One with many stars, or one with just a few?

Reviews and star ratings aren't just a feature in search results this is why its so important to use the best plataform to gain online exposure and attracted more patients, websites like Best Hospital Advisor which is  not a social network, it gathers reliable evidence systematically using a range of techniques including focus groups, one-to-one interviews, and local institutions. BHA selects the most appropriate methods for collecting consistent and verified reviews.

Best Hospital Advisor which provides a transparent health care platform where consumers can access, provide feedback and engage in their own health
care decision-making it’s a good tool for providers can continuously improve their strategies to provide quality care services.
Why using BHA?

BHA acts as a public portal that aims to empower 
consumers enhance transparency and transform healthcare into a global marketplace.
Benefits for Patients by using BHA       

·         Platform to evaluate international healthcare providers
·         Search by geographic area, specialty, procedure, international standards, etc.
·         Access to detailed hospital profile 
·         Access to medical service providers  ratings & reviews
·         Access to hospital  key process indicators
·         Access to patients satisfaction metrics
·         Direct communications channel with medical service providers

Benefits for Providers by using BHA
·         Global exposure platform to a worldwide audience of potential patients
·         Search by geographic area, specialty, procedure, international standards, etc.
·         Profile with detailed medical service provider information
·         Capability to request, capture and publish patient reviews in 65 specialties and 1,300 services
·         Capability to publish hospital  key process indicators
·         Dashboard to visualize and management of key process indicators
·         Dashboard to visualize and management of key process indicators

These days online reviews are very
influencing others to consider a business. The goal of improving online reviews, patient retention, patient acquisition and customer satisfaction can be achieved with a Platform such as Best Hospital Advisor to evaluate international healthcare providers. Encouraging patients with incentives to post positive reviews adds to this winning strategy.
It is crucial to protect the online reputation as a doctor or medical provider since many patients now based decisions on online reviews.
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