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Year Established: 1913
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L Flug

“DO NOT GO To...”

Reviewed 7 months ago
DO NOT GO To the ER / Day admittance
- this ER / Day atmittance is the worst I have seen in my life !!!!

There are numerous reviews here about the same things I mention and others perhaps worse.

The pic I loaded on Google shows Young girl staff members that are fresh out of Gymnasium cough, cough, drinking coffee in examination rooms and the one on the left with has a cow nose ring and is a bully as mentioned by someone else in the review section. These two little girls are in the ER / Day section and in my opinion should not be anywhere near a hospital as they are both clearly uneducated and spend more time drinking coffee in a surgical exam room and flirting with the paramedic and fire fighters as well as playing on their phones and socialising. These little girls had no supervision or a boss and are running the ER like their personal mean girls kindergarten arena.

The big lady on duty who takes down the patient info upon arrival, not a doctor is rude and again as another comment read, Hitler fashioned in commanding you to obey her. I am foreign and needed to text my husband where I was as he was also with me and necessary for translation purposes and she screamed at me to get out and said she didn’t care about my husband helping me, I continued to text and she screamed again, I ignored her and sat down despite her demanding me to leave. I tried my best to convey the information and she placed a dirty old blood pressure machine and filthy finger clip. There was no sanitation in the room nor in other areas, only around the staff desks.

By the time I got treated at another hospital I had also caught the flu on top of my illness from this filthy place.

The Day / ER reception and wing are unhygienic, there were elderly patients lying on stretchers with no privacy in walkways for hours - I was not sure if they were dead or alive. I thought of my husband’s parents, my in laws, if this is how they will be treated for serious illnesses .

I also 100% agree with all the 1 star comments, read them.

ZERO STARS - In fact the day section / clinic / ER should be closed or better everyone fired. I don’t see that hospital improving or ever housing quality doctors with the way it’s run. It is a disgrace and the fact that Hamburg is the only DE province to sell its healthcare to a private sector / firm who have zero interest in saving lives or helping people is shocking. How can this private company serve as public medical primary care when it sends a twenty year old to perform a lumbar puncture in a filthy room with visible clumps of hairs and dust and all kinds of grime and dirt on the procedure table / bed.

This hospital is filthy, run down, left me with meningitis in a waiting room with pregnant women and old people. Completely disgraceful.

I was eventually moved into a dirty passage to wait where I desperately needed a nebuliser or an ashamed man pump as I couldn’t breathe and the staff on duty, ignored me, laughed at me and continued socialising with one another. The two staff in question being two very immature girls fresh out of kindergarten ( cough ) some cheap Ausbuilding or a very poor level probably not certified medical school. These two little girls along with all the staff at this hospital are degenerates and should not be working as public servants.

this hospital is an absolute joke

One of the little girl intern doctors with a disgusting cow nose ring picked up an IV drip pipe off the dirty floor to use on a patient. Completely disgusting. She laughed at a patient that needed help and when I asked her why she is a doctor if she has no interest in saving lives she got extremely aggressive, the picture shows her lunging towards me when I announced that I was recording her outrageous behaviour. Germany is supposed to be the free world - more like a concentration camp filled with bullies working in and managing the public sector.


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