Johns Hopkins Hospital

600 North Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD, United States   |   (410) 955-5000   |   Website   |  
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Year Established: 1889
The Johns Hopkins Hospital is the teaching hospital and biomedical research facility of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, located in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. It was founded using money from... more
Staff & Capacity
Beds: 1,059
Employees: 46,128
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United States: Ranked #3
United States: Ranked #3
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Marshal Tenner Winter

“Sure, the doctors might...”

Reviewed 3 weeks ago
Sure, the doctors might be adequately competent but good luck getting past the UNBELIEVABLY SH*TTY receptionists. They hate their jobs, they hate you, they shouldn't be handling clients in any manner, they are hostile, aggressive, ignorant and lazy and they will make it extremely difficult to get anything done or obtain any answers to your medical issues. You're better off seeing some Mexican doctor across the border. This place sucks.


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