Massachusetts General Hospital

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Year Established: 1954
Since 1811, Massachusetts General Hospital has been committed to delivering standard-setting medical care. Throughout the decades, the hospital has had a consistent commitment to advancing that care through... more
Staff & Capacity
Beds: 600
Employees: 300
Physicians: 200
Services & Amenities
Car Service, WiFi
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United States: Ranked #1
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Anne Lorigan

“Simply the best!! ...”

Reviewed 3 weeks ago
Simply the best!! They have saved my life literally, 4 times. A massive GI bleed and I was brought to Massachusetts General Hospital.
Later I got scars on my liver due to the bleed. The scar tissue caused liver cancer twice. I was treated and put on "the list" for a liver transplant.
On the forth call it was the perfect liver for me. That was four years ago.
The first time that I went to MGH I was17, on my own. My hand had gone through a window.
I took the subway to the hospital. They treated me so well that I applied and got a secretary position. This was in 1979.
I could talk all day about my second home.
MGH has been rated number 1 hospital in the USA and additionally rated number 1 hospital to work in


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