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Year Established: 1954
Since 1811, Massachusetts General Hospital has been committed to delivering standard-setting medical care. Throughout the decades, the hospital has had a consistent commitment to advancing that care through... more
Staff & Capacity
Beds: 600
Employees: 300
Physicians: 200
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Adrian Butterworth

“The healthcare service was...”

Reviewed 1 year ago
The healthcare service was not good in the ER room. (I had just been unconscious/ talked incoherently after being hit by a car). The bandage provided would stick to the sutures over the next few days, and replacing bandages would be painful. They did not assess my situation carefully at all. They noted I had full sensation in my upper extremities and full range of motion. This is impossible! I still have Axillary nerve damage more than 2 months on from the accident. CT scans and x-rays were done more than 4 hours after the incident.

Days later, another clinic provided me with Adaptic, a non adhesive dressing which would have been useful from the beginning! The situation report written by MGH was written with very poor English, it doesn't really make sense.

The sutures did not heal very well, at all. They skipped certain areas, and used Steri-Strips instead, as that would be easier for them. Now it is scarring badly.

The hospital lost my wallet and all of its contents too! I asked several different people where my wallet was, and they would leave, and never come back to my hospital bed. I had to ask more than 5 times, to get an explanation as to why they lost it. It was really disappointing time in MGH.

They then wanted to kick me out of the hospital at 2.30am, after they gave me hydroxymorphone. I could barely stand.


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