Massachusetts General Hospital

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Year Established: 1954
Since 1811, Massachusetts General Hospital has been committed to delivering standard-setting medical care. Throughout the decades, the hospital has had a consistent commitment to advancing that care through... more
Staff & Capacity
Beds: 600
Employees: 300
Physicians: 200
Services & Amenities
Car Service, WiFi
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Franck Dernoncourt

“A 15 USD fee...”

Reviewed 10 months ago
A 15 USD fee to get an electronic copy of my x-ray or MRI is not something I enjoy. Data should belong to patients. Do you still live in the 19th century?

Also, just a warning for anyone going there for a surgery: some MGH surgeons practice concurrent surgeries (this means that your surgeon may operate several patients at once). Google "Concurrent surgeries at Mass General caught in crosshairs of new lawsuit" for more information. MGH claims that "Data from the MGH as well as national studies have demonstrated no difference in complication rates for overlapping and non-overlapping cases." but that's false, e.g. see the study "Ravi, Bheeshma, Daniel Pincus, David Wasserstein, Anand Govindarajan, Anjie Huang, Peter C. Austin, Richard Jenkinson, Patrick DG Henry, J. Michael Paterson, and Hans J. Kreder. "Association of overlapping surgery with increased risk for complications following hip surgery: a population-based, matched cohort study." JAMA Internal Medicine (2017)."


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