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Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit worldwide leader in medical care, research and education for people from all walks of life.
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Brian Kaplan

“Horrible experience: The internal...”

Reviewed 2 months ago
Horrible experience: The internal med Dr. I initially saw, Dr. Sanjeev Nanda, basically blew off my symptoms and told me "do you want me to just repeat what you already have had done to make you feel better?"

No I said, this is the Mayo Clinic, I thought you could help me with more "out of the box" or rare reasons this is occurring. So he sent me to a few specialists, and they all listened, ordered some blood work and away I went.

I came home and received a bill for over $2600, even though I work full-time as a RN, and have excellent insurance. I also met my yearly out-of-pocket maximum, so I thought I would not have a bill for anything. Let me preface by saying I checked to make sure the Mayo clinic was in-network and my visit would be covered.

Now to get what the bills are for:
MRI re-read- $1300...yes that's right, another radiologist/neurologist just opened my already done and interpreted Brain MRI and they charged me $1300! When I asked the Mayo Clinic's billing about this they touted their response and said "we're the Mayo Clinic," like we are the best....yea right lady.

The other $1300+ charges were for blood work which included genetic testing I guess. I was not told that they were doing genetic blood work that needed prior approval, they just sent me to the lab to give blood.

My discussion with Mayo Clinic's billing lady "Jo"- she would not give me her full name, was very upsetting. She just basically said "we're the best, and you need to pay this..." She would not listen to me at all and was very cold in her response. I am sure she is used to fighting with people.

All in all, I think the Mayo Clinic is acting like a facility that is too big for it's britches...They think they are the best, and charge like it. They did not help me, really listen to me, and now I have to write appeals for stuff that they didn't warn me required prior approval.

I would not recommend going here.


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