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Lita Ashley McNamee

“When I was 14,...”

Reviewed 5 months ago
When I was 14, I started getting really sick for no apparent reason. I had blood pressure issues, tachycardia, panic attacks, dizziness, and something that was basically a more minor version of locked-in syndrome. It was exhausting and horrifying. For two years, doctors treated the symptoms as I gradually got worse with time. At 16, I was diagnosed with a condition that was neurological and cardiological, but was prescribed a treatment that just didn't work. The next two years, my life revolved around my ever deteriorating illness and I began to pass out regularly. My senior year of high school was a wreck. I passed out one day in January and I never attended a full day of school the rest of the year, because my system just wouldn't bounce back and I could hardly function. I had doctors telling me everything from it was all in my head to I was dying of a brain tumor. At 17, I was terrified that I was dying or was going to live a life of utter misery, as I underwent every test with no conclusive results. My parents pulled their resources and got me to Mayo Clinic after graduation. Within a week, they determined that I had been put on the wrong medication two years prior and gave me something new for my heart. Within months, I was much more stable and wished I had had this medication at age 14! I got pregnant at 19 and pregnancy put my heart, hormones, and body through a lot of strain. If I hadn't been on the medication Mayo gave me, I honestly don't know that I would have survived. They take your situation seriously, they pull from interdisciplinary advice, and they do not give up. If you can get here to see these amazing physicians, I truly believe there can be hope for most situations.


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