If you are travelling abroad for a medical procedure, a claim under your normal travel insurance might not be paid. This is because most, if not all travel insurance policies are completely void if the purpose of the trip was for a pre-planned medical treatment or procedure

Medical Travel Shield is a specialist travel insurance with added benefits that has been designed and developed specially for patients travelling abroad for cosmetic, dental, (non-essential) elective and IVF/fertility treatments and procedures.

Travelling patients can expect standard travel insurance benefits plus a number of tailored benefits:

  • Before travel - the policy covers non-refundable treatment deposits if the patient has to cancel or delay their trip.
  • During travel - if a patients recovery period is longer than expected the policy covers contributions towards accommodation, flights and living allowance.
  • During travel - if the patient needs treatment for post-operative complications between discharge and return home, the policy covers contributions towards the cost of consultation fees and medication. (Not applicable to IVF Treatment)
  • After travel - if the patient needs to return within 12 months to correct unsuccessful surgery, the policy covers contributions towards the return trip. (Not applicable to IVF Treatment)

Patients who chose to travel with a companion or companions may also choose to insure them under the same policy.

For more information visit us at: www.medicaltravelshield.com or send us an email at : paul@medicaltravelshield.com