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Best Hospital Advisor (BHA) aims to provide the most detailed, accurate and timely monitoring of the patient experience to help users make decisions about their healthcare professionals. With BHA, you can search for and compare hospitals, clinics or other health professionals in your area. 

You can see information on the provider profile, browse consumer feedback on that provider and, when available, review information on key performance metrics like quality indicators and patient satisfaction survey results. BHA will help guide you through your health care provider selection.

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Best Hospital Advisor (BHA) is a virtual community where users share and review their experiences at hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide.

The review system is user-friendly, anonymous and helps to provide feedback on individual experiences – both positive and negative. BHA includes not only options for users to provide feedback, but it also provides a number of quality indicators and patient satisfaction ratings.

Users can use the reviews to help them make their own choices about the healthcare facilities they choose to go to.  The reviews will be transparent as well as verified to ensure that there is no fraudulent feedback provided.

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Share What you Paid

Best Hospital Advisor (BHA) also offers the option to tell others what you paid for a given healthcare service. The benefit of this feature is to provide transparency in healthcare pricing for the services and healthcare professionals listed in the system.

“Share what you paid” is a service only for patients, if you are a patient please create an account and visit: 
For Patients Section to learn more.

Corporate Services

Best Hospital Advisor (BHA) can provide a comprehensive service for you to monitor patient experiences in your healthcare facility or to allow insurers to provide an additional benefit to their members. BHA offers permanent patient follow up via email to capture information on patient satisfaction that is critical for International Accreditation, and a Company Dashboard that will allow management to track all reviews.

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